the salt room Солната стая
The Salt Room

Halotherapy/Salt therapy

     Halotherapy has beneficial effect on adults and children. During the visit to the „Salt room” the adults shall relax and the children shall play and have fun as meanwhile the immune system shall get strengthened and the health status of the visitors shall become stronger.

     The therapy with salt is particularly beneficial in case of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract - asthma, bronchitis, chronically obstructive lung disease as well as in cases of sinusitis, dyspnea, cold and flu, smoker’s cough, hay fever, virus infections. During the therapy, as becoming clear of sputum, coating, dust and any pollutants and allergens, the respiratory tract is gradually released, opened and the breathing is eased.

     The therapy benefits in a positive way also skin diseases- eczema, acne, psoriasis and etc. The halotherapy makes the skin less sensitive to allergens and the symptoms as itching, erythema, and desquamation become less with each procedure.

     While fighting against the insomnia, tiredness and stress, the nerve system is balanced.

     As taking into consideration that the salt therapy is completely natural method for strengthening and improving the human health, it has no side effects. However, if you take specific medicines, before visiting the „Salt room” you should consult a doctor/specialist, because we cannot provide you with a diagnosis nor you can receive recommendation for a medical healing by us.

     It is important for You to know that the halotherapy IS NOT held in case of acute chronic disease, heart failure, chronic lung failure, tuberculosis, high body temperature, mental illness, cancer, epilepsy, active bleeding of any type, uncontrolled hypertonia or acute stages of respiratory diseases.

     Generally the salt therapy is a complex of several procedures as their duration depends on the age of the visitor. The procedure for children up to 12 years old lasts 20 minutes and for people over 12 years old it is 40 minutes. For a better effect it is recommended to be held 10-20 procedures as the interval between then for adults have to be 24 hours and for children - 48 hours. For reaching a long-lasting result it would be good to be held 2 to 4 therapies per year.

     If you visit the „Salt room” for a first time it is good to be 10-15 earlier than your appointment for starting the procedure in order to get acquainted with the way it is held as well as what are the expected results. It is not required a special garment for the halotherapy. You shall receive shoe covers, which to put on your shoes or you can be barefoot. For the children is good to have with you a spare pair of socks. In the „Salt room” are not allowed food or beverages except water. If you enter with your mobile, you shall be asked to switch off its sound in order not to disturb the other visitors. Your personal belongings you may leave in lockers, provided for you. In the room you can read, listen to relaxing music or just sit and enjoy time especially for yourself.